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How are funds stored?
How are funds stored?

How your funds are stored safely and securely

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Your Exponential Wallet funds are yours, period. You can request to withdraw your funds at any time. All USDC wallet funds are stored in segregated wallets – each Invest user has a unique wallet and deposit address. Do not share your Exponential Wallet address with anyone else.

Pool tokens are stored in your Account.

Exponential maintains internal systems similar to a bank. Our ledger identifies your account and holdings and tracks your account activity in real-time. There's never a situation where customer funds could be confused with corporate assets. We never repurpose your funds. We do not lend or take any action with your assets unless you instruct us to. Many banks and financial institutions use customer funds for commercial purposes, including lending and trading, meaning that they often hold only a fraction of their customer assets at any given time. Exponential always holds customer assets 1:1. This means that funds are available to our customers 24/7, year-round.

What about security?

We take fund security extremely seriously. To help keep your funds safe, we use multi-party computation (MPC) technology to ensure no one can access anyone's funds without your permission.

For an extra layer of security, we store pool tokens in a cold storage wallet with strong built-in controls.

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