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What are Experienced Auditors?
What are Experienced Auditors?

List of our top DeFi auditors based on experience and reputation

Written by Exponential Support
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Smart contract audits are an integral component of our Risk Framework as it is one of the main ways to hedge against security risks inherent to DeFi. Auditors evaluate smart contracts for any potential vulnerabilities and make recommendations to the project team on ways to improve. In essence, DeFi auditors check for the correctness of the underlying code to lend more credibility to protocols and provide users with a greater sense of security.

While any type of audit is certainly an incremental benefit, not all audits are valued the same based on the specific auditor conducting the audit. Here at Exponential, we have gathered a list of top auditors with at least 20 protocol audits that we consider "experienced". We also check to ensure the overall quality of protocols being audited as criteria to be included in the list.

*Please note protocols are still prone to hacks and exploits despite passing top audits as these are not guarantees to fully capture all technical risks.

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